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Deploying MAR to coordinator using swagger

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  • 1.  Deploying MAR to coordinator using swagger

    Posted 03-05-2018 02:22 AM




    Below is the swagger which i used to deploy a  MAR file to coordinator, though the status says 200 OK the MAR file is not getting deployed to coordinator.


    https://{{hostname}}:{{port no}}/api/Dcm/CoordinatorServers/{{Coordinator Name}}/actions/deployMAR..Could someone help me with the steps to deploy a MAR file from POSTMAN or provide some documentation. 

  • 2.  Re: Deploying MAR to coordinator using swagger
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    Posted 03-07-2018 12:42 PM

    Hello Varun,


             Please find below the link to documentation on how to deploy test Mar and execute.


    Deploy Test Mar 


    Start a Test that has been deployed 


    Once you start the test, it will appear is monitor test section on portal. Please let me know in case of any questions.


    Both of the below calls are HTTP POST calls.

    http://{HostName}:1505/api/Dcm/CoordinatorServers/{Coordinator Service Name}/actions/deployMar/ 

    http://{HostName}:1505/api/Dcm/CoordinatorServers/{Coordinator Service Name}/Tests/{Test Id}/actions/start/