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SNMPv3 on gateway/portal appliances

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  • 1.  SNMPv3 on gateway/portal appliances

    Posted 03-09-2017 03:24 PM



    Is there any documentation on disabling snmp v1 and v2, and also enabling snmp v3 on the appliances.

    I do know command to create an snmpv3 user, but it will be nice if someone can point me to a knowledge base article for the topics in related to this.


    Thanks & regards,


  • 2.  Re: SNMPv3 on gateway/portal appliances

    Posted 03-09-2017 04:41 PM

    Hi Anand,


    The Gateway does not currently support SNMP v3. You may want to review the below idea and vote for it.


    Support SNMP version 3 for CA API gateway 




  • 3.  Re: SNMPv3 on gateway/portal appliances
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    Posted 03-10-2017 12:25 PM

    Hi Joe,


    Thanks for replying, but your answer is not completely correct. The gateway application might not be supporting snmpv3, but the underlying Red Hat OS does . 


    I was able to create a snmp v3 user using the script /usr/bin/net-snmp-create-v3-user and was able to send messages to trap2sink configured in /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file.


    This was on

    Gateway Appliance v8.1

    Linux: 2.6.32-504.3.3.el6.x86_64


    rpm packages, these upgraded with Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v8.1-01-28-2015.L7P patch.