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Why do we see no analytics results in Portal for an enabled service?

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  • 1.  Why do we see no analytics results in Portal for an enabled service?

    Posted 05-02-2017 05:24 PM

    We have a number of APIs enabled for portal.  All have been configured for portal using the "Set as Portal Managed Service" assertion.  When running "API Reports" from portal, one of our APIs displays no data, even though it is our most highly used API.  All other APIs display data as expected.  Information on requests is available when viewing Gateway logs.  The API is enabled; its API ID matches the value on the "Set as Portal Managed Service" assertion.


    We would greatly appreciate any suggestions for getting API the API Report working again.  Thanks.

  • 2.  Re: Why do we see no analytics results in Portal for an enabled service?
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    Posted 05-02-2017 07:27 PM

    Hi Fathom,


    I have seen similar behaviour before, and that occurred when the "Set as Portal Managed Service" assertion was removed and then re-added. When it is re-added (or I should say every time that assertion is added at all), it generates a new API ID, which seems to break the necessary links for analytic data when the API Portal and Gateway synchronize service metrics. I can't remember at this moment where it is (I'll need to look this up), but I believe there are other areas which don't get the updated API ID when it changes, which is what actually breaks the linking of API to data., and explains why you may still see the API IDs matching (as you noted earlier) at the high level.


    It's difficult to confirm, but if you are aware of that happening, then this is likely what the root cause is. The workaround in that case was to create a new service entirely and bringing over all the policy logic with it and setting it to the same as the old service. At the very least, this can server as a troubleshooting step to see if you were to still get analytic data after hitting a new API with the same setup.


    That is the root cause that I run into most often when I see this behaviour.




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