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GRLoader error's as incidents

  • 1.  GRLoader error's as incidents

    Posted 01-24-2018 05:07 AM



    We are only updating the CI's using GRLoader which is simple to read the xml and update in the database but the requirement is to capture all the CI's in the xml which are not already in CMDB and create a incident with the list.


    As for this requirement, we are only suppose to update the CI's but should not create them. If we create the incident with the list of CI's then that group will investigate why the CI's were not created manually.


    I was trying for a simple solution else i should build a new integration using the visual studio



  • 2.  Re: GRLoader error's as incidents

    Posted 01-24-2018 10:16 AM

    Hi Sharath,

    There is no functinality within GRLoader to make a list of the ones that are NOT in CMDB already and then put that list in a ticket.  I dont know of any way to automate that.  Not sure if it can be done.

    Anyone else have any ideas here they can share?

    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: GRLoader error's as incidents

    Posted 01-24-2018 10:40 AM

    Sharath, this is an idea for your GRLoader, output file should record what CIs are created; write a script to read and parse the output file and the script will create an incident(via soap web service call, for example) in sdm for the CI created by GRLoader. Thanks _Chi