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Access Form Data in Gateway

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  • 1.  Access Form Data in Gateway

    Posted 11-14-2017 04:07 AM

    Hi guys I am using Gateway 9.1

    I am sending form-data which has a file(json or csv) & some fields(see attached pic) . How can I access the data in Gateway service?





    I tried using ${} but it doesnt work.

    dasjo02 Any help is appreciated

  • 2.  Re: Access Form Data in Gateway

    Posted 11-14-2017 11:00 AM

    have you tried 


    ${} ${} ${}

    or ${} ... 


    do you get an audit warning, something about content type ....


    you might have to add that content type into a CWP as value of contentType.otherTextualType cluster-wide property

  • 3.  Re: Access Form Data in Gateway

    Posted 11-14-2017 11:20 AM

    Hi ajake01, no I did not try the other context variables.

    I do not have access to environment as of now, so i can try them tomorrow & update you.


    FYI  ${} worked if I only use file in form-data.

    If I add file & key value field in form-data as seen in my first post it is not working.


    If you have any sample service please share, it would be of great help.



  • 4.  Re: Access Form Data in Gateway
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    Posted 11-14-2017 11:26 AM

    we would want to see what audit warning error you get ...
    or maybe open a case with support for detailed troubleshooting  

  • 5.  Re: Access Form Data in Gateway

    Posted 01-10-2018 02:42 AM

    Hi siddharth-b


    I had the same problem where I am sending a .cer certificate file (by default it only accepts .txt/.xml/.json files) and a key/value pair in a POST request to the gateway.



    after a bit of troubleshooting I was able to capture the parameters once I added the cluster-wide property "contentType.otherTextualType" and set its value as:






    Could you please share your solution if you were able to get this problem solved through any other means?