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GMU Error

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  • 1.  GMU Error

    Posted 03-20-2017 05:33 AM

    Hi All, we're using GMU to migrate existing policies in test env. to prod. environment. Since our number of services increased we are not able to use GMU anymore, we're getting time-out or internal server error,  I guess this is because GMU Tries to get whole definitions through  RESTMAN Service , so data-size is somehow so big not enough to recover the query with more than 100+ services, so do you know any practical way to overcome this challenge ?


    Best regards

    Onur Fenar

  • 2.  Re: GMU Error
    Best Answer

    Posted 03-20-2017 09:41 AM

    I'm not sure if your issue is when migrating in or out, or if it's being caused by a timeout or a message size issue here. Hopefully one of these will help you out:


    If you are getting a timeout waiting for the results of a migrateOut, then the following setting(documented here) could help:


    Maximum milliseconds to wait for a response.

    There is also a cluster wide property that can help if the size of the XML is too large when doing a migrateIn:

    Error: Test migrate in failed: Bad Request the specified maximum data size limit would be exceeded