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Require http basic credentials

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  • 1.  Require http basic credentials

    Posted 12-27-2017 03:10 AM

    Hello Team,

    We have a requirement as in header we will either get session ID value or no header at all or basic authorization header.Suppose , if we are not having any value for session ID header, then we need to prompt popup  which is asking HTTP basic credentials to the user.

    Can you please throw some light on this as in Atleast portion when we are placing Require Http Basic credential, unfortunately it is not allowing so.

  • 2.  Re: Require http basic credentials
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    Posted 12-27-2017 01:20 PM


    How have you attempted to do this? I havent tested it but I have to assume you should be able to do similar to the published internal service for restman (GMU). Which I will include a screenshot. Though instead of the Require SSL or TLS Transport with Client Certificate Authentication to have your "evaluate regular expression" etc... If you are already doing this I can do a few quick tests if I have a little more details.