Distributed Transactions and locks held

  • 1.  Distributed Transactions and locks held

    Posted 03-12-2018 10:56 AM

    We're looking at using 2-Phase Commit between IDMS and Oracle.
    In the situation where a distributed transaction is stuck InDoubt and holding locks, this can impact other transactions in IDMS.
    For 'normal' IDMS transactions, where a run-unit is stalling waiting on a db-key we can see (using PMDC) what task is holding that db-key.
    When the lock is held by a distributed InDoubt transaction, we can only see the normal run-unit is stalling. We have now way of knowing which 
    of possiblt many InDoubt transacations could be holding the lock. If we need to manually finish the InDoubt transactions we'd like some way to see
    what locks they are holding to allow us to target the ones which have the potential to cause the most impact.

    Could there be an enhancement to LockMon to show locks held by such InDoubt transactions, or an extenstion to the DCMT D DIST TRANS ID '***' to show locks?

    Iain Robertson
    BT TSO Senior DBA