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Live Creator Datasource Throwing Error

  • 1.  Live Creator Datasource Throwing Error

    Posted 03-07-2018 10:26 AM

    Whenever connection test is performed for datasource is done post restart of application server error is thrown. On performing the first test, it throws the error as below, but the same error doesn't come on doing test consecutively the second time or so.


    [Server:lac-server11] 05:28:21,848 ERROR [stderr] (default task-15) WARNING: No encryption keys found, this is almost certainly BAD in production. [Server:lac-server11] 05:28:21,849 ERROR [stderr] (default task-15) Make sure that the encryption key(s) is present in server.xml AND in context.xml.



    Searched for the file " server.xml " and " content.xml " on the server, couldn't find these files in jboss7 path.


    Kindly suggest.


    Thanks in advance,


  • 2.  Re: Live Creator Datasource Throwing Error

    Posted 12-19-2018 06:23 PM

    The error message in question is geared towards Tomcat, so it's confusing when you're using a different Java container. This has been fixed, arguably, in version 4.1 and later, this error messages no longer references server.xml and context.xml.


    These are only warnings that we recommend you create your own encryption key, following the procedure outlined in 

    If you're OK using the default key for encrypting your data source passwords, then this is fine, and you can disregard this warning. Just be aware that every other user of Live API Creator has access to that key, therefore it's not secure at all.