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Custom Rally Reports

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  • 1.  Custom Rally Reports

    Posted 08-30-2017 04:44 PM

    I've been trying to build some reports within our Rally implementation (SaaS offering) and was wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem:


    I am building a report which comprises multiple "Custom List" apps. Each app has a query set to return filtered data on a particular set of Rally objects, assigned to a particular iteration, within a particular release. What I want to do is have the report use "global variables" where a viewer can select a particular release or iteration, and all the apps on the page reflect that change. So if I want to see results from my current sprint, I can select my current sprint. If I want to select a different Program Increment, I can select that.


    I see this functionality in many other reporting engines like Splunk, Kibana, etc. Is this something that is in the pipeline for Rally?


    In the meantime, my team has a lot of manual work to do to maintain the relevant views for the current time box we're working in... and its becoming a full time job.






    I should make it clear that the current option for listing filters is similar to the suggestion I am making, but it only allows you to set one thing at a time, and is limited to Release and Iteration. I'd be looking to be able to create additional variables which I could re-use in queries across the report.

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    Posted 09-08-2017 04:28 PM



    You can probably infer from the lack of replies that there's no simple way to set a page-wide filter other than by timebox, but I think that there's an easier answer (with caveats). Typically when I see the use case that you described it's because people want a consolidated view of several different work item types (like User Story and Defect) and because the Custom List app can only query one work item type at a time, they find it cumbersome to reproduce the filter queries across multiple apps on the page.


    You can overcome this problem easily with Work Views, since you can choose multiple work item types and subject them to the same filter criteria in a single operation. I've used it extensively with users in my subscription to solve exactly this problem. The caveat is this- Work Views doesn't support view sharing between users at present so I have to coach users on how to set them up. I worked around the scaling problem in this approach by recording a few very short screencasts that documented the setup of some common use cases. I'd be shocked if sharing of Work Views wasn't already on the CA roadmap (schan32, any input there?) but in the meantime it's still a pretty darned effective solution. 


    Hope that helps.


    -Eric Nash

  • 3.  Re: Custom Rally Reports

    Posted 09-12-2017 11:05 AM

    +1 on Work Views sharing!