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SMOBImport and XPSExport

  • 1.  SMOBImport and XPSExport

    Posted 11-21-2016 05:25 PM

    I am trying to import a domain and its base objects from our dev environment to test environment.  Both target and source SMPS(Version: 12.0; Update: 03.12; Build: 911; CR: 12) are running on windows 2008. Policy Store/Key Store  Oracle 11g 

    I ran SMOBJIMPORT (Exported file size 6 MB took almost 2 hours to export), I let the import run for almost 9 hours, but  it never finished. I killed it manually it should not take that long to import 6 MB file.

    Now, I am using XPSImport (I took XPS export as well for that particular domain and associated objects) 

    Here is the of exported items for that domain:


    When I used the xpsimport command with a wrong passphrase; it took 10 minutes before it signaled for the wrong passphrase. Here is the log: (Check Blue)

    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmEventTrap.cpp:380][INFO] Initializing event handler 'd:\CA\siteminder\bin\XPSAudit.dll'
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjStore.cpp:1268][INFO] Initializing Global Domain ID
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjStore.cpp:1307][INFO] BulkFetch policy store
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjCache.cpp:235][INFO] Preloading policy store cache
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:45:13][SmObjCache.cpp:254][INFO] Precaching system configuration objects
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjCache.cpp:466][INFO] Precaching each Policy Domain
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][PolicyCache.cpp:1211][INFO] Building policy cache ...
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][PolicyCache.cpp:1304][INFO] Building policy cache done
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:1319][INFO] BulkRelease policy store
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:1357][INFO] Object store initialized
    [4700/892][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:978][INFO] Starting object store journal thread
    [4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:470][INFO] Object store journal thread started
    [4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:471][INFO] Journal commands refresh interval is 60 second(s)
    [4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:472][INFO] Server command synchronization delta is 0 second(s)
    [4700/4360][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][SmObjStore.cpp:473][INFO] Secondary cache failure timeout is 0 second(s)
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:EDIT0056][INFO] No validation warnings will be logged (controlled by CA.XPS::$LogValidationWarnings).
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:IMP0079][ERROR] Invalid Passphrase.
    [4700/5004][Mon Nov 21 2016 16:54:35][CA.XPS:XPSSTOP1][INFO] Shutting down XPS..




    Is this normal behavior. How can i verify if the connection with policy store is upto the speed?


  • 2.  Re: SMOBImport and XPSExport

    Posted 11-21-2016 09:24 PM

    smobjexport takes out entire object from policy store whereas XPSExport can take out granular objects.

    Export & Import taking time on windows server can because of OS level consumption of resource.


    Ideally, XPS tools generally don't take too much time.




  • 3.  Re: SMOBImport and XPSExport

    Posted 11-22-2016 07:16 PM


    You mentioned policystore and keystore are database Oracle 11g. While the export file size 6MB is not a small file from smdif export perspective, however, I'm not expecting it took such a long time (> 9 hours) and not finish. Is this a new database instance?


    You asked:

    How can i verify if the connection with policy store is upto the speed?


    When you startup policy server, how long the policy server take to be in ready state? Does it take long time to startup?

    If it takes long time to startup, this suggested some indexing maybe needed at database side.



    Kar Meng

  • 4.  Re: SMOBImport and XPSExport

    Posted 11-23-2016 12:14 PM

    Hi Kar,

    Thanks for you reply. It takes upto 10 minutes for for the dev server to to be in ready state.

  • 5.  Re: SMOBImport and XPSExport

    Posted 11-23-2016 03:19 AM



    In addition to what my colleagues suggested you to check, you might
    pay attention to the following :


    Does the smobjexport command reports any error ?
    How long does it takes between 2 objects exported ? If you put the traces
    on smobjexport command, you'll see that.


    Other things to check : is there any corruption like missing child / parent
    objects, or duplicated objects in the Policy Store data ?


    When you run "XPSSweeper -vT" does the command reports any warning or error ?


    Is the Oracle 11g an LDAP or odbc store ?
    Are objects indexed and cached on the Policy Store ?


    You will "verify if the connection with policy store is upto the speed"
    by setting network traces on the Policy Server and check how long does it
    takes to get 1 object.


    Hope that helps,