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CA DLP Warning message

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  • 1.  CA DLP Warning message

    Posted 10-18-2016 02:18 AM

    Dear All,


    We have a customers requirement for warning message for outlook client, there will be user acceptance policy in the warning message. The policy is in .pdf format so we will provide a link in the message box and a check box is required with in the message. But when we provide the link, it simply take it as a text. Any help how can we achieve this.


    Thanks in advance.




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    Posted 10-18-2016 10:07 AM



    The dialog box will only display text there is no option to display a hyperlink.  This is by design to avoid security issues around url\ frame hijacking.


    Some customer have opted to highlight the hyperlink text (using double underscores) in order to bring attention to the link  (see the example below)


    Up to date support information can be obtained at the following URL: (please type into browser or right-click and copy. This is NOT a link)  __




    Andrew Devine

    Principal Support Engineer

    CA Technologies

  • 3.  Re: CA DLP Warning message

    Posted 10-20-2016 03:43 AM

    Dear Devine,


    Thanks for the reply. We have have tried with using double underscores but its taking as a simple text only. Any other workaround would be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.




  • 4.  Re: CA DLP Warning message

    Posted 10-25-2016 05:52 AM



    As per my previous comments "There is no option to display a hyperlink" using the underscores is ONLY to highlight the text not to activate it as a hyperlink.  If you are interested in seeing active hyperlink functionality in a future release of the data Protection product please raise this as an "idea" in the communities and it will be considered by CA Data Protection product management.