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Attachment repository?

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  • 1.  Attachment repository?

    Posted 07-31-2017 09:44 AM

    I have multiple User Stories that have attachments.  Is it possible to download them all at once, without having to go into each story?

  • 2.  Re: Attachment repository?
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    Posted 07-31-2017 10:10 AM

    Hey Paul, 


    There's not a super-easy way to do this, but there are a few custom (unsupported) apps that will make this easier.  


    The first I'll mention is the AttachmentGrid: Custom APP to display attachments with link for scoped user stories. It basically lists out all your stories and you can filter for what you want (although via a query) and it will display a link to your attachment to make downloading them easier. 


    If you really want to go all out though, there is Rally-Export-Attachments: Ruby script to export all attachments from a specified Rally Workspace for…  . Basically a ruby script that will export all attachments. A bit harder, but maybe easier depending on your skillset!


    I know neither of those are probably exactly what you're looking for, but hope it helps!