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SNMP Collector probe

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  • 1.  SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-17-2017 11:53 PM

    CA UIM 8.4

    snmp collecotor 8.41


    We are unable to see the snmp collector instance on the UMP self cert


    snmp collector probe is deployed on the remote hub, and can query the discovery server on the primary hub to get the profiles after discovery.


    also if we deploy snmpcollector on primary (or) primary HA, can see under self cert snmp instances, but only the snmp collector on the remote hub doesnt show up on the UMP.


    any ideas, logged a call with ca support and they are saying UMP should be able to communicate with the remote HUB, but as per ca docs.. UMP doesnt need to talk to remote hubs... it only communicates with primary

  • 2.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 12:19 AM

    What is the version of ump_selfcert portlet you are using right now? I had a similar issue some time back and I remember it was resolved after upgrading the ump_selfcert portlet to a newer version 




  • 3.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 02:03 AM

    ump self cert verion 1.14

    latest version as per archive.

    does UMP communicate directly with remote hubs or it just gets updated by the discovery server probe( On primary HUB), where all the snmpcollectors probes are deployed on remote hubs?

  • 4.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 02:20 AM

    Just to be sure you looked at the right place , you actually need to check the version of the ump_selfcert portlet part of the wasp probe 


    Open the probe gui (CTRL+P) on the ump robot controller and run the callback "inst_list_summary"


    On the command output click anywhere and CTRL+C  to copy and CTRL+V paste to notepad


    search for the version of  ump_selfcert and it should look something like below 


    name ump_selfcert
    descriptioUMP SelfCert Portlet
    version 1.14
    build 139
    date Wed Jun 15 16:59:04 2016


    Below is what documentation says ,so the wasp probe might be querying the discovery server on primary HUB to get the info


    SNMP Device Self-Certification - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Documentation 

    Select an snmpcollector Instance

    The discovery server locates systems that have an instance of the SNMP Data Monitoring (snmpcollector) probe. Select an snmpcollector instance before creating a vendor certification. Any vendor certification that you create is system-specific. Create a vendor certification for each snmpcollector instance you want to update.

  • 5.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 02:38 AM

    hi phani,


    thanks for the info, actually i check from the controller installed packages it was showing 1.14


    as mentioned by you. below is the info from probe utiliy


    name ump_selfcert
    descriptioUMP SelfCert Portlet
    version 1.14
    build 139
    date Wed Jun 15 16:59:04 2016


    yeah even i understand the discovery server probe should talk to UMP to update the collectors list. that's why i was confused when ca support said UMP directly contacts the remote hubs to get the info. because our UMP cant communicate with remote hubs.. we only enabled FW rules between primary and UMP servers.




  • 6.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 02:32 AM

    Hello Franklin,


    maybe this is related to the support case we are working on.


    The UMP does talk to the remote hub through discovery wizard. The wasp probe does a nametoip callback through his own controller to the remote hub address (/Domain/remotehub/hubname/controller) which returns an IPAddress and a port.

    So telnet to the IPAddress and port of the remote hub must be working from the UMP (wasp) robot.


    Kind regards,

    Britta Hoffner

    CA Support

  • 7.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 03:02 AM

    Hi Britta,


    yes this is the same case, I was actually looking for info on the ca communities,

    as mentioned by you i did namtoip from UMP controller probe utility to remote hub controller, it returns remote HUB IP and controller port. when verified with telnet 48000 from UMP server to remote hub is filtered.

    However, i did not find any  ca docs saying the communication between UMP and remote hub should be allowed. Even i verified the ca UIM firewall ports document. If this communication should be allowed, i can verify with our FW team to enable a rule to test if this is the issue?


    only controller port should be allowed or do we need to allow 48000-48050 range?




  • 8.  Re: SNMP Collector probe
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    Posted 07-18-2017 03:34 AM

    Hello Franklin, as far as I understand the discovery wizard in USM goes out direclty to the remote controller of discovery_agent to gather the version. So the communication will be to the controller port.


    Kind regards,

    Britta Hoffner

    CA Support


  • 9.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-18-2017 11:13 PM

    hi britta, 


    Thanks for the support. the UMP to remote hub communication was blocked. Please do include this in your ca documents. there is no where mentioned in ca docs saying the UMP will directly talk to remote hubs.




  • 10.  Re: SNMP Collector probe

    Posted 07-19-2017 02:34 AM

    Hello Franklin, we will add this to our documentation for UIM/UMP.


    Kind regards,

    Britta Hoffner

    CA Support