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VBScript fatal error

  • 1.  VBScript fatal error

    Posted 11-10-2016 09:54 AM



    We have a C++ client, build with Plex 7.1 Build 26.005. We are using VBScript for Treeview, Toolbar, Tabs and Grids.

    Some user getting somtimes the error "Fatal error in VBScript. Application should be terminated".

    The users are working on terminal server with Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1. But not all users do have this problem.

    Unfortunatelly we can not reproduce this error (and we didn't have this error with Plex 6.1).


    We are using the following ActiveXControls

    TreeView: Microsoft TreeView Control, version 6.0

    Toolbar: Microsoft Toolbar Control, version 6.0, Microsoft ImageList Control, version 6.0

    Tabs (with images): Microsoft TabStrip Control, version 5.0 (SP2), ImageList Control, version 5.0 (SP2)


    Someone has an idea how we can determine this error?




  • 2.  Re: VBScript fatal error

    Posted 04-23-2019 09:19 AM
    We are encountering some sort of the same problem "Fatal error in VBScript. Application should be terminated":
    We are currently in the process of upgrading to Plex 7.2.1(Build 24.003) from Plex 6.1(Build 43.023)
    with C++ Client (MS VC++2013 etc) and IBM i Server. The client is being built with Plex r7.2.1 (Build 24.003).
    We are using VBScript for various tasks. E.g. To Interface with MS IE Web Control,
    to interface with CodeJock Report Control, to perform OLE Automation with MS Word and Excel.
    Some users are getting sometimes the error "Fatal error in VBScript. Application should be terminated".
    The users are working mostly on Citrix Servers but also some of them 'locally'(that is using the application
    from a network share but running in their PC). Not all users have this problem all the time and it seems to happen 'randomly'.
    Unfortunately we can not reproduce this error and we have not had this  error with Plex 6.1.
    It is an Application with more that a 1000 client .dlls and a lot of vbscript used in various places of the application.
    Kind Regards,
    Nicolas Mavroeidis

  • 3.  Re: VBScript fatal error

    Posted 04-23-2019 10:57 AM

    Hi Nicolas,

    we also use a good number of Vbscripts. No such issues. I would research on environment issues, maybe event viewer, etc. Some of our problems came fron user rights, file permisions, Excel/Word security rules, etc. Maybe an on error trap could help you.

    good luck!

  • 4.  Re: VBScript fatal error

    Posted 04-23-2019 11:25 AM

    Thank you Jorge for your thoughts,

    I suspect that this message is some form of "Error Handler"

    of the Plex <--> VBScript run-time "interface", since it is

    being displayed in a dialog message (like those of Plex)

    which has as title the panel name "360View" of a Plex Client

    function of ours. So, it is definitely coming from the Plex

    "run-time application"  of ours.

    My first thought is to request all those messages titles

    from the UAT team, locate the functions and add to all

    used VBScrips by them the following (when  missing) :

    On Error Resume Next  ' first line of vbscript


    Err.Clear ' last line of vbscript

    And then see what happens.


    Kind Regards,

    Nicolas Mavroeidis

  • 5.  Re: VBScript fatal error

    Posted 04-24-2019 09:23 AM

    Hi Nicolas

    we also tried it with 'On Error Resume Next ' as first line (but without 'Err.Clear ' on the last line). It didn't solve the problem. But perhaps we didn't find all VBScripts.

    For some users, we could solve it by changing the INI-file of our application. In the section "NativeControls" we changed the value for the "SingleLineEdit" from 1 to 0, but this is only combating symptom as it has some minor impact on the presentation of the client.

    Hope you find a solution ...