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Tech Tip - CA PIM: How to clean the Session Recordings from the Central DB?

  • 1.  Tech Tip - CA PIM: How to clean the Session Recordings from the Central DB?

    Posted 07-12-2016 03:15 AM


    With ENTM Proxy Session Recording enabled it might be desirable to offload the recording data from the central DB to free up disk space resources.

    However ENTM does not provide such feature, thus you can follow the below specific example to get an understanding how to accomplish this task.

    For this example we assume that MS SQL Server is used as RDBMS.


    In an administrator cmd on the SQL Server submit the following commands:

    set archive_file="C:\temp\RecordingsBackup"
    (to set the backup destination)

    set query="select * from CMDB.dbo.RECORDING_FILE where RECORDING_FILE_SIZE>1"
    (to select all recordings)

    bcp %query% queryout "%archive_file%" -n -t, -U sa -P saPassword -S SQLServerHostname
    (to copy the recordings data to the backup destination)

    sqlcmd -U sa -P saPassword -S SQLServerHostname -Q "delete CMDB.dbo.RECORDING_FILE"
    (to delete all recordings)

    Adjust the values for archive_file, dbownner (here sa), its password, SQLServerHostname and database name of ENTM (here CMDB) according your specifics.

    Note: Rerunning the script as is will overwrite the archive_file

    This script will not modify the Recording Session information in ENTM itself, hence you still can see the full list of recordings done but an error would be issued if you tried to view such session.
    To restore the session and for

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