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SLA Reports issue

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  • 1.  SLA Reports issue

    Posted 01-18-2017 07:40 AM



    We have configured net_connect probe for server availability report in CA UIM monitoring tool.

    Now when we are fetching out the SLA report ,we find that only 3 servers are showing up in report.
    Where as there are 100+servers configured in net_connect probe.



    Please let me know where can be the issue.




  • 2.  Re: SLA Reports issue

    Posted 01-18-2017 11:56 AM

    1. Has it ever worked? Did anything change since last time working?

    2. Is QOS being written to the Database? (you can verify this by creating a Performance Report Designer graph with the qos you are using for the availability reports - Or within the same SLM portlet go to Quality of Service > Browse to the net_connect qos in question and check if the you see one target for each of the servers you are monitoring.

    •  If you see current QOS for all your targets, then you know that there might be something wrong with how you are creating, seeing or exporting the availability SLA report. 

    •  If you Don't see the QOS for all your targets, then there might be a problem like: Database Server issues, Data_engine connection issues to the Database Server or stuck QOS hub to Hub Queues 

  • 3.  Re: SLA Reports issue

    Posted 01-20-2017 05:16 AM

    I am seeing for all targets which I have configured netconnect_qos .


    For servers which are contacting to suppose HUB1 are showing up in report but for servers which are contacting to suppose HUB2 are not showing up in report.


    And also if we want to pull off report for two groups with different SLA ..can we take that in one single report?




  • 4.  Re: SLA Reports issue
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-20-2017 09:14 AM



    Do you see the raw data in the database? 


    This could be viewed via the SLM