Layer7 Privileged Access Management

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  • 1.  PIM12.9SP1  TLS

    Posted 08-04-2016 11:39 AM

    Does PIM 12.9(SP1)  compatible with TLS 1.2 only, or does it require TLS1.0 and/or 1.1?

  • 2.  Re: PIM12.9SP1  TLS

    Posted 08-04-2016 04:27 PM

    Hello Suzi,

    Privileged Identity Manager , (PIM 12.9) is not a mainframe security product.

    Can you please ask this question in the "CA SECURITY" community rather than

    the "CA Mainframe Security" community.


    (I would do it for you , but then you would not receive any update notifications).




    CA Mainframe Security     

  • 3.  Re: PIM12.9SP1  TLS

    Posted 08-04-2016 08:31 PM

    Done.  Thanks.

  • 4.  Re: PIM12.9SP1  TLS
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    Posted 08-07-2016 08:31 PM