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CA PAM - Details required to on-board different devices

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  • 1.  CA PAM - Details required to on-board different devices

    Posted 07-21-2016 11:56 AM

    Hello All,


    Good day!!


    Is there a detailed questionnaire that can be used with respective target device type/owners for that device to be on-boarded/integrated with CA PAM.


    OR what are all details required from each device owners for the device that need to be integrated with CA PAM solution. (With an intention to ovoid multiple iterations with device team/owner)



  • 2.  Re: CA PAM - Details required to on-board different devices
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    Posted 07-22-2016 01:33 PM

    Hi ManicRaj,


    I am not sure exactly what you are asking here. If my answer below doesn't help please try to give us a better explanation of what you are looking to achieve.


    If I understand your question correctly, and by "on-board a device" you mean "add device to be used in CA PAM" it sounds like you are asking for a template to send your employees/co-workers/who ever in order to get the information that is needed to add their device to CA PAM. You only NEED the ip address or hostname. After that it depends on what other goals you have for the device. For example if you want to be able to connect to it you will need to know the OS so you can decide if you need to enable RDP or SSH (it is also possible to do a 'scan' to identify open ports that can be used for RDP or SSH without you needing to know the OS). If you want to allow auto-login you will need to collect the credentials to be used (or if using domain credentials you will need to know the domain and have it added). Basically, there is no one template that would be useful for everyone. It will depend on what exactly you want to accomplish.


    Let me know if this helps or not.


  • 3.  Re: CA PAM - Details required to on-board different devices

    Posted 07-22-2016 02:30 PM

    Thanks Christian! You got my question right!


    From you explanation, Understand if it unix/linux or Windows sever devices, we need

    IP Address:Host Name:

    Connection method/protocol:

    If yes to Auto-login credentials:



    Likewise, what information (most common ones) for other devices/endpoints types like portal, AWS, Network devices, Federation(SAML consumer) etc... are required to configure in CA PAM is what i am attempting to understand.