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Resource Requisition

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  • 1.  Resource Requisition

    Posted 05-05-2016 06:57 AM

    When project manger creates a requisition for resource then it goes to booking manager. then booking manger updates the allocation segments according to availability of resource and propose this requisition. the again request goes back to PM for approval. PM gets the notification with a link to accept requisition. after opening this link PM is not getting any option to accept or reject the requisition. is there any specific right that needs to be given for this?

    If "resource- hardbook" right is given to PM then he is getting the option to book or reject the proposed requisition. but if this right is given then there is no mean to use requisition. PM can always edit the hard allocation even that is not approved by booking manager. so i think there should be any other right that needs to be given.

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    Posted 06-17-2016 04:04 PM

    To manage requisitions and book resources, verify that you have the following rights:

    • Project - Attach Requisitions Entry Resources - All
    • Project - Create/Edit Requisitions - All
    • Project - View Requisitions - All
    • Project - Edit
    • Project - Attach Requisition Resources
    • Process - Create Definition
    • Process - Initiate


    The requisition status value Proposed is available if you have the Project - Attach Requisition Entry Resources access right. Also, the Requisition Approval Required setting is required to be selected for the project.


    Also see the PM and RM access rights in the product documentation under Reference, Access Rights Reference:

  • 3.  Re: Resource Requisition

    Posted 06-24-2016 04:11 PM

    Hi Uruj - Did CA-TECH-INFO-DAMON's response help answer your question? If so please mark as Correct Answer. Thanks!