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Query Parameter format or pattern validation.

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  • 1.  Query Parameter format or pattern validation.

    Posted 01-06-2017 11:16 PM

    May I know which assertions should we use to validate  format or pattern of query parameter.



    email pattern validation.

          -  {a-z} characters should be allowed

          -  {0-9} integers

          - only one character '@' 

          - Special characters dot, underscore is allowed

          - max length limit

          and so on.





  • 2.  Re: Query Parameter format or pattern validation.
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    Posted 01-08-2017 01:56 AM

    We can implement this functionality using regular expressions in Compare Expressions assertions. 


    1 - Add Compare Expression assertion.

    2 - Select 'Expression' and enter email parameter values ex: ${}

    3 - For Rules click 'Add' button.

    4. - From Rule Selection pop-up select rule type 'Regular Expression' from the drop down options. 

    5 - Provide regular expression to validate the email format. For example:



    For more information on regular expressions visit below URL: - Regex Tutorial, Examples and Reference - Regexp Patterns