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    Posted 10-26-2015 02:24 PM

    To facilitate a quick and easy Product Backlog review meeting, we have decided to tag stories and defects with "Review".  I wrote two simple queries - one for stories, one for defects - which search for Tags contains "Review".  If there's at least one instance of the tag for a story and a defect, everything works exactly as expected.  However, if there are no stories or defects tagged with the tag Review, I get an error stating "Please edit this view to correct the following error(s): Review is an invalid value".  This seems like incorrect behavior to me; the tag Review still exists, there just aren't any stories or defects which meet the query criteria.  Review isn't an invalid value; it is simply not used.  This would be the case were I to query for all defects with a defect state of "Re-Opened" and there were no such defects.

    I thought I'd ask out here before I pursued the issue with the Rally folks; what am I missing here?