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Object lock problem

  • 1.  Object lock problem

    Posted 09-22-2015 08:45 AM

    Hello team,

    I've faced strange problem with object locks,

    in our environment we are changing Chane Orders status due to current workflow,

    we are performing status change by simple OOTB macro with followed code:

    misc::change_ticket_status(this, group_leader, attached_event, event_tmpl, 'IMPL');

    But sometimes this macro causes spel_srvr crash and Change Order become locked with error message like : "Held by contact <empty> phone <empty>".

    Attached event which perform this action is also locked by the same empty user.


    We have hundreds of CO that switches their statuses daily, but only IMPL status and few categories causes that bug...


    What I've got:

    - CO locked by empty user;

    - atev locked by empty user;

    - expired animator.


    What I've tried:

    - delete_lock.frg (which is included from 12.7 CP2 as I remember) : returns that object is not locked in top_object.

    - update atev, animator or chg from SPEL/FRG : I can switch status via spel or bop_cmd, but object still locked if I try to access it from web interface;


    Method which works:

    - delete animator from database (via spel or directly from SQL), then recycle service;


    What gives no result:

    - service recycling: lock still exists afeter system up;

    - refresh cache of animator table instead of full service also gives no result;

    - there is no locked objects in Admin tab -> System locks.



    I'm on 12.7 CP2.

  • 2.  Re: Object lock problem

    Posted 09-22-2015 09:11 AM

    Hi cdtj,

    This seems like something is being locked at the SQL side of things when that spelsrvr crash occurs. So with that, the most appropriate way to troubleshoot this problem would be to look into why the spelsrvr crash occurs with one of your macros, and prevent that from happening.  To do that you can follow the steps in this document:

    Once you have gathered the appropriate crash dumps, along with the crash dump template information, open a case with CA Support and we will look into what is causing the spelsrvr crash.

    Hope this helps,


    Jon I.

  • 3.  Re: Object lock problem

    Posted 09-22-2015 10:16 AM

    Thank you Jon, your suggestion is correct. (And doc that you provided seems to be helpful in future stucks).

    In my personal situation problem was my laziness,

    code which throws crash without any error was:

    if (!is_null(sched_start_date)) {
        z_new_SLA = workshift_work2abs(z_sched, (date)sched_start_date, (duration)z_sched_delay);
    } else {
        z_new_SLA = workshift_work2abs(z_sched, (date)now(), (duration)z_sched_delay); // this now() function sometimes gives crash, so strange how it worked for a long time without any problems

    "now()" was changed to "date znow;znow=now();" and it works fine (I hope).


    I want to keep this topic opened if someone else have any tips how to unlock locked object.