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Missing some DB metrics

  • 1.  Missing some DB metrics

    Posted 02-29-2016 05:53 PM


    I'm using APM 9.7.


    I'm missing some DB metrics.  I have both oraclejdbc.pbd and sqlagent.pbd present.  On other apps I've worked on, I'm used to seeing these 6 metrics for SQL:

    1. Responses per interval
    2. Average response time (ms)
    3. Average result processing time (ms)
    4. Concurrent invocations
    5. Error per interval
    6. Stall count


    The app I'm working with uses 1 DB2, 2 Oracle, and 1 Teradata database.


    For DB2 prepared statements and stored procs, I see the standard 5 metrics, but not average result processing time.


    For Teradata stored procs, I see the same thing.  Evidently this app only has stored procs for TD.


    One Oracle DB is a RAC.  For at least one node of the cluster, I see all 6 metrics on a prepared statement, but not result processing time for the stored procs.  For other nodes in the same cluster, I only see result processing time for prepared statements and the usual 5 metrics for stored procs!


    The other Oracle DB is not RAC.  For it I only see result processing time for the prepared statements and the 5 metrics for stored procs (not the result processing time.)


    With Oracle, in both cases the driver is the same: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver.  The driver version is 11.1.x.


    Metric count for the agent is 1332.  IntroscopeAgent.log says the metric limit is 5000.





  • 2.  Re: Missing some DB metrics

    Posted 03-01-2016 08:51 AM

    Hi John:

    When I started reading it, I thought you were having an issue with Oracle RAC and was going refer you to these posts







    But it is the opposite in this case. A quick look at the internal database did not yield much for missing "Average result processing time (ms)" for Oracle. Hopefully, others can be of further assistance.




    Hal German

  • 3.  Re: Missing some DB metrics

    Posted 03-01-2016 03:21 PM

    Hi John:

        I discussed this at an internal meeting. Please open a case and we can better understand why the Oracle non-RAC one is not working



    Hal German

  • 4.  Re: Missing some DB metrics

    Posted 03-01-2016 03:54 PM

    Done.  Thanks!