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problem with .NET api and setting qos samplerate

  • 1.  problem with .NET api and setting qos samplerate

    Posted 05-16-2012 08:20 AM



    I have a custom made probe that is otherwise working fine, but I seem to be unable to set qos samplerate properly. When I go to view the qos object it says "the dataset contains invalid data (samplerate<=0), and all samplerate values are 0. Samplevalues and everything else work fine.


    My code:

    Creating qos definition

    using (NimbusSession sess = new NimbusSession())             {                 QoSDefinition qosDef = new QoSDefinition("QOS_EMAILBOUNCER_ROUNDTRIP", "Time it takes to send a test mail and receive the reply", "QOS_APPLICATION", "Seconds", "sec", false, false, false);                 sess.SendMessage(qosDef);             }


    Sending qos message

    using (QoS qosMsg = new QoS("QOS_EMAILBOUNCER_ROUNDTRIP"))                         {                             qosMsg.SetValue(roundTripTime);                             qosMsg.Target = "Roundtrip via " + recipient;                             qosMsg.SampleRate = interval;                             sess.SendMessage(qosMsg);                         }

     where interval is an integer value, usually 300.