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Working with CA Support

  • 1.  Working with CA Support

    Posted 05-23-2016 07:46 AM



    We had an issue where the text in Catalog for a text box is proper but when it comes to USS , it looks ok when its the browser is maximized however when the screen is "restored Down" the text is getting removed.


    This for a customer is a bug, where it works in catalog and text doesnt appear when the screen is minimized. The issue is reproduced, CA support says its per design and should raise an idea.


    Just want to understand, such small things where its looks a bug why cant CA fix in the current version instead wait for the next release.


    We are not asking for a feature, its not working .


    Its just an example , i have few more like this.



  • 2.  Re: Working with CA Support

    Posted 05-23-2016 08:37 AM

    Hi Sharath,

    There is an explanation for this type of thing, and I will attempt to clarify it a bit for you here.  Although something may seem like a simple bug of sorts that just needs a quick code fix, that is not always the case behind the scenes.  Both Service Management and USS are built with a lot of very complex code, and logic, which at times can be difficult to make changes to without affecting other functions within the applications.  What seems like a simple change to make could actually be a lot of code, which has the risk of breaking other functions.  When this is the case, depending on the risk involved (meaning how much risk there is to other forms or functions) of making the change, the engineering teams will recommend that the change be put into the list for the next release so that it can go through a full QA cycle, and thus the risk is mitigated as much as possible.  Now, thats not to say you should not question it - when you come across a situation like this, and you are told that the application was designed that way, then you can, and should, ask for an explanation of why it was designed that way.  You are a valued customer, and as such, we are most certainly obligated to provide you with at least some insight into why something is deemed a bug vs. an enhancement, and/or why something was designed a certain way. The answers you get may surprise you and bring things to light that you did not previously think about.  I can speak from a support standpoint as a Principal Support Engineer myself, I have asked for an explanation for things both on my own just to satisfy my own curiosity, as well as on behalf of a valued customer such as yourself, and when I received the answer or explanation, it made complete sense as to why the item is considered an enhancement.  Now I cannot say for sure on your particular issue as to why the engineering team advised that it is not a bug, and as I am not familiar with the Catalog code specifically, I cannot say if that item is complex or not, but you are certainly welcome to go back and ask the engineer that was assisting you on it.

    I hope this helps to clarify a bit for you. 


    Jon Israel

    Principal Support Engineer

    CA Technologies