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GUI tool recommendation

  • 1.  GUI tool recommendation

    Posted 06-22-2015 02:25 PM

    Hi folks, are there any good GUI product out there? We have 13,000+ green screens for GUI. Besides Rocket's LegaSuite are there any other recommendation?



  • 2.  Re: GUI tool recommendation

    Posted 06-22-2015 05:39 PM

    Used this over ten years ago and liked it then as it was built by 2E guys for 2E Welcome Quickstep

    But that was ten years so I would contact them to see what they have done in the last 10 years (it was not browser based)


    i like the look of but can not vouch for yet is  Genie - Refacing Tool for 5250 Screens | Profound Logic Software because of the talent behind it now Press Releases | Profound Logic Software 


    Please search these forms as there has been millions of discussions over the years on this by 2E customers.

    Re: Since Internet Exployer is being sunsetted and CA only supports exployer for Web2E, don't you think that for the maintenance fee that CA should be developing a new solution? Is Web2E going to be sunsetted also?

    RE: 2e modernization

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  • 3.  Re: GUI tool recommendation

    Posted 09-03-2015 05:08 AM

    Profound Logic just got stronger by hiring Ted Holt The Four Hundred--Profound Hires Guru Editor; Begins IBM i Internship Program

  • 4.  Re: GUI tool recommendation

    Posted 06-22-2015 06:55 PM

    Are you just after a screen scraper to make the application look more up to date - or are you looking at modernising the application to take advantage of newer platforms and interfaces?


    There are lots of options - just need to focus on your real needs here.