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managing VSI

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  • 1.  managing VSI

    Posted 04-26-2016 06:41 PM


    I have question on how best we can keep the same (single) VSI updated by multiple teams and managed by multiple teams..

    currently we are migrating a large number of records from legacy stubs which are in database to LISA..




    1. if I have 100s of records in same VSI, how can I search as per my need.. example if it is db i can use DB column filter to query and fetch that record..but i did not see any option in VSI to find my particular transaction..


    2. Is there any option to lock the particular transactions from other users to not to modify.. so that a set of responses stored will always works... if any new responses needed that will be added by other users ..


    please suggest.. if any other best practices you can share...

  • 2.  Re: managing VSI

    Posted 04-27-2016 07:29 PM

    DevTest Community any help on this please

  • 3.  Re: managing VSI
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-23-2017 05:48 PM

    There are some search capabilities available in DevTest Portal. Please look at the documentation at Search for Text in a Virtual Service - DevTest Solutions - 9.5 - CA Technologies Documentation.