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dtlHier common_name

  • 1.  dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 06:19 AM

    hi all,

    I'm using 14.1, for dtlHier there is an attribute "common_name".

    Below you can find the definition of attributes of dtlHier

    Despite I use an alternative field name for common_name attribute, there is no change. I want to see "zsym_TR" field in tree selection, not the default sym value.

    Should that formula work, or do i need also modify hiersel_*.htmpl and hierload_*.htmpl files?


    <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlHier hdr="Category" attr="category" size=30 factory=pcat_in_ss autofill=yes evt="onChange=\\\"emp_change_category_func('cr')\\\"" common_name="zsym_TR" make_required=yes>


    hdr = "$args.&{attr}.DISPLAY_NAME" // The text of the header.
            attr        // The name of the attribute.  Required.
            evt = ""    // Event handler string
            factory = $args.FACTORY_&{attr}
            colspan = 1 // The number of columns on the form
            autofill = yes // Do autofill if user tabs out of field
            size = 20   // The width of the input box
            make_required="no"  //not for general use.Makes a field REQUIRED on the form regardless of whether it is REQUIRED in the object/database layer.
            common_name = ""  // Internal use. Substitute common_name.  Set as ss_sym for category in employee and customer interfaces.

  • 2.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 06:31 AM

    hi Utku,

    have a look this thread: Re: How to change the field in the dtlhier?



  • 3.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 07:12 AM

    Hi cdtj;


    I saw it but actually I want to find out what that common_name attribute does and how can I use it.

    I don't want to have an exact multi-lang support but for some reasons I don't want to show the sym attribute.

  • 4.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 07:55 AM

    in few words - common_name is an attribute defined on schema level in WSP:


    Common name is an attribute that will be shown as value of lookup field.


    Attribte can be accessed via HTMPL as : $args.<SREL_ATTR>.COMMON_NAME

    or via SPEL as : send_wait(0, this, "get_attr_vals", 1, "COMMON_NAME");


    For some reasons you can replace given attribute in Lookup fields and if could be easily replaced in dtlLookup field, there could be some troubles in dtlHier field,


    - you need to modify related hiersel_*** and hierload_*** files;

    - some OOTB scripts could use original common_name, like properties load script replaces category SET.<attr> and KEY.<attr> on category change;



  • 5.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 10:03 AM

    then what does that mean?


            common_name = ""  // Internal use. Substitute common_name.  Set as ss_sym for category in employee and customer interfaces. 


    I can use it with ss_sym as mentioned but another field doe not work

    As you said, it is easy for dtlDropdown, ehwn i saw this attribute, I expected to work it simailarlya

  • 6.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-25-2016 11:13 AM

    I think this information is incorrect and OOTB they use factory with different display_name (common_name) and restriction based on self-serive attribute:

    <PDM_MACRO name=dtlHier hdr="Категория" attr="category" autofill=yes common_name="ss_sym" evt="onChange=\\\"emp_change_category_func('iss')\\\"" factory=isscat_ss make_required=yes size=60>

    where ss_sym is redundant information, because pcat_ss factory's common_name is ss_sym.


    I tried to define common_name in dtlHier in Request Category, the result was:

    - Category in Read Mode displayed correctly (displayed custom attr);

    - Autofill in edit mode displayed correctly;

    - but when I changed category, sdm tried to sync properties and browser has crashed.


    but another field does not work

    Could you provide more info how it didn't work?


    Finally why not to move known way, using factories and described by jmraimundo here: Re: How to change the field in the dtlhier?


    Best regards,


  • 7.  Re: dtlHier common_name

    Posted 01-26-2016 01:41 AM

    I just think that if it that simple for dtlDropdown, it should also be a more simple way for dtlHier.

    Also, i couldn't  understand why there is an attribute "common_name" for dtlHier, if changing the value doesn't affect. Factory should be enough, since all factories have a common_name.


    Anyway , thank you for sharing the link.