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Create Proceess!..

  • 1.  Create Proceess!..

    Posted 08-17-2015 11:46 AM

    It's possible create a process which necessarily requires the project charter is added and if you have not added forbid advance phase advance otherwise the planning stage?

  • 2.  Re: Create Proceess!..

    Posted 08-18-2015 04:33 AM

    Hi Mariela0915

    Can you please rephrase the question again? It is not very clear to me what is the exact concern that you are having. May be it will be helpful if you can explain it in a bit more detail.



    Abhisek Dhar

  • 3.  Re: Create Proceess!..

    Posted 08-18-2015 05:12 AM

    Yes, you can have a stage gate approval. Create a separate subpage and add a checkbox for "project charter is added" to the desired phase, and build your required condition around that



  • 4.  Re: Create Proceess!..

    Posted 08-18-2015 10:16 AM

    Hi Abhisek


    I want to make a process flow in which during the initiation stage is required charter project document, when approved this document automatically advance stage, said that without this document does not advance.



  • 5.  Re: Create Proceess!..

    Posted 08-19-2015 06:04 AM

    Please check if the reply from NJ helps you or not. I think he mentioned something similar to this.