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Net Connect Dependencies

  • 1.  Net Connect Dependencies

    Posted 06-09-2010 07:08 PM

    I am looking into using net connect for dependencies on devices. I've tested and found that it suppresses unreachable devices very well. What I have noticed though is that packet loss and threshold do not get suppressed with this. My understanding of how the dependencies work is that the master device must be reachable or the rest will not be; so if the master device is down do not alarm on the sub devices. I would think the same concept would apply if the master device has packet loss, all the sub devices will have packet loss as well (same for threshold).  Does anyone have any input into this or has run into a similar issue?



    Chris Pratt

  • 2.  Re: Net Connect Dependencies

    Posted 06-09-2010 09:58 PM

    You are correct with the latency and packet loss the parent child does not work.  If Parent is down it does not even attempt to poll the child devices with latency and packet loss this is not the case.  And I can see the reason for it as maybe 1 child has a latency issue that hangs off one vlan or routed interface where as another child off a diff vlan or interface may not have a issue this could be cabling,duplex many different issues that would cause this so testing and alarming on parent child in this manner would be expected.