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Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

  • 1.  Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 08-05-2014 12:20 PM

    i'm giving the SAP_Agentil probe (v4.01) a try but it will not run on my machine at the moment. 


    The probe log is useless at the moment because it just contains an error saying that the max probe restarts has been reached.


    I've tried running the sapbasis_agentil_starter.exe manually from the command line as the documentation suggests and I get the error: 


    java: symbol lookup error: /tmp/cg-ifd62o.so: undefined symbol: JVM_GetManagement 


    I have a support call logged but its very slow going with them. I have 2 questions for the community......


    1) Does anyone have any clues what that error means and how I get past it, if I had to guess I think it maybe related to Java version, does anyone know a confirmed version of Java RE that works with the probe.


    2) One suggestion form support is to up the logging level of the probe to 5000. This would be fine except the GUI will not run if the probe isn't running so I can't set the logging level there. Also there are no parameters in a raw configure (at all) so there is nothing I can change there. Probably I have to add a line to the cfg manually but does anyone know what line I should add to up the loging level.?


    Normally I would expect a probe to have a <probename>/cfg file. The SAP_Agentil probe just has a file called probe.cfg which just contains one empty section called probe. i.e. <PROBE></PROBE>

    Normally I would expect a <setup> section with a log level line like below from the url_response probe. Can I just add a section? are setup sections standard in every probe with the same naming for the loglevel variable?


    loglevel = 0
    logsize = 100
    logfile = url_response.log
    force_synchronous = no
    min_threads = 10
    max_threads = 100
    alarm_on_each_sample = yes
    sendAlarmOnEveryInterval = no


    Any help appreciated,



  • 2.  Re: Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 08-05-2014 04:01 PM

    All of the sections in the config can vary from probe to probe, but in practice there are standards that most probes follow. (I am not sure whether or not those are official or unofficial standards.) The <setup> section seems to be the most consistent across most/all probes, so I think there is a very good chance that will work. It is worth a try. If it does not work, there should be no harm. Most probes simply ignore settings in the config file that they are not expecting to be there. So your change would either do what you want or nothing at all. If you just want to set the loglevel to 5000, you could define a config as simple as this:


       loglevel = 5000

    We got a license for that probe a while ago to do some testing, but we ended up not testing at the time. Just getting the license made it clear that the probe is a bit unusual compared to most. So unfortunately some of the things on which we can normally count may not hold true for that probe.

  • 3.  Re: Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 08-05-2014 04:17 PM

    Hi Keith,

       I really appreciate the reply. I'll have a go with trying that setup section and see what happens.



  • 4.  Re: Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 08-05-2014 04:23 PM
    Hi careyb,

    well the sap probe is a little different from the others and the "real" config is in the file "sapbasis_agentil.cfg"
    since probe version 4.00.

    But this will hardly help as "crashing probes during startup" will not write any log-entries I guess.

    You need to deploy the "java_jre"-package on the machine running the probe in oder to get it running I think.
    (At least this works for us over here in Germany).

    I hope this helps


  • 5.  Re: Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 08-10-2014 01:58 AM

    IIRC the starter just runs the system java, so make sure you have a java 1.7 in $PATH. We run the probe an RHEL6 and I've installed openjdk-1.7.0 and it runs fine. I've not deployed any nimsoft jre packages.


    You also have to download the sapjco library from the SAP support portal (you need an SAP account for that) and drop the jar and so files in the probe directory under probe/application/sapbasis_agentil/lib. So make sure you've done that otherwise the probe won't start


    When it comes to the probe configuration file, it is basically empty and the probe will fill the config once it is started for first time. You cannot configure the probe with *.cfx files because

    1. the section names in the config are not "stable", e.g. you create a new template called foo and a new section TEMPLATE10000 will appear in the configuration with the config key NAME set to foo
    2. since version 4.00 the probe dropped the nimsoft configuration format alltogether and now uses a JSON based configuration file

  • 6.  Re: Anyone got hands on with the sap_agentil probe?

    Posted 10-26-2015 08:45 AM

    Hi all.


    I got this issue too. I uninstall all and I noticed I forgot to add the JCO files to appropriate folders. After that the probe GUI opened fine.


    Hope to help.