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Email events

  • 1.  Email events

    Posted 10-03-2013 02:46 PM

    I have a temporary situation whereby some of my support team are unable to use UMP but they can receive emails. I have set up an AO so that when an alarm comes in to Nimsoft that is of a Major or Critical Severity an email is sent to the teams mail box and this works fine. However, some of the events I want to make sure that if after Nimsoft receives the alarm 10 times in a set interval I want another email sent out for the alarm but containing the original date/time, and I want an email sent out every time we receive 10 alarms in Nimsoft for the event.


    I tried creating a profile that had an action type of email and a message counter of 10 but it did not seem to work. I then tried setting it up for overdue age, and it did send out a second email but it did not send out a third email when that alarm that met the criteria was overdue.


    Is there a better way of approaching this?

    Thank you

  • 2.  Re: Email events

    Posted 10-03-2013 04:23 PM

    Only other option I would think is just passing the alarms to a lua script and let it determine the count and if it needs to email or not, wea actaully pass all our events to a lua script to determine if a email needs to be sent or not then just use the action.email.

  • 3.  Re: Email events

    Posted 10-03-2013 04:37 PM

    If you set an AO profile with the "equals to" message counter as one of the criteria, it will only run when that counter matches exactly. So a counter of 10 would match after the alarm repeats 10 times but never again. And using "greater than" will send an email on every repeat after the first 10.


    The overdue age option in an AO profile should probably just be called "age". That sets how long after the alarm was opened that the AO profile runs. So for any given alarm, that AO profile should only run one time.


    To get repeating email messages, I think you have two options. You could use set an interval in the AO profile to send email every X minutes. This should work well, but the timing of the first message might not line up with when the alarm opened. You could test the behavior to make sure it is what you want. This would not take into account message count though.


    (Neal beat me to this one.) The other option would be to have the AO profile run a script. The script can use the action.email() function, but first it can use any kind of logic you want to decide whether it is time to send another email message. This has the most flexibility but also likely to require the most effort.