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Forum suggestions

  • 1.  Forum suggestions

    Posted 01-31-2006 07:05 AM
    Not sure if I might have to provide this feedback elsewhere, but I
    would like to make some suggestions for additional forums to be created
    on this site.  I figured that if I put these thoughts here, other
    users might add other suggestions or comment on my ideas.  I think
    it would be helpful to add the following:

    • A forum specifically for technical issues.  These topics
      could go in the general forum, but I think it would be good to separate
      those out.  (I know that these forums are not substitute for
      Nimsoft support, but at times it would be nice to see if someone else
      has had a similar issue.)  I picture the general forum as a place
      to discuss the products themselves (like changes or new features) but
      not problems.

    • A forum for discussing feature requests.  This might not be
      necessary, but I think it would be helpful to both Nimsoft and
      customers to see what kind of common interest there may be in new
      features.  It might help prioritize plans for new features.


    Thanks for setting up the forums.  I think they are a great idea and hope they see a lot of usage.



  • 2.  Forum suggestions

    Posted 04-18-2006 11:14 PM

    A feature requests forum could be very effective way of helping Nimsoft, and allow others to see what new features were likely to be released soon. I'd support such a forum (that said, Nimbus have been very good in the past in releasing new features through direct requests)!


  • 3.  Forum suggestions

    Posted 09-23-2006 11:00 AM
    I'm in favor of Keith's suggestions below.  A dedicated support / troubleshooting area would be ideal; it could be split up into the main subcategories for the different types of probes (application, database, gateway, network, service, slm, etc...).  Might as well plan for a big environment now versus later.