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Enterprise console question

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  • 1.  Enterprise console question

    Posted 05-30-2008 04:38 AM
    is it possible with Enterprise Console to set a dashboard panel as critical only when all sub-panels are in errors? Es:

    A = Panel
    B = sub Panel
    C = sub Panel

    Case 1:
    B = clear
    C = critical
    A should be clear

    Case 2:
    B = critical
    C = critical
    A should become critical


  • 2.  Enterprise console question
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-31-2008 03:19 AM

    I do not think this is possible, although I am not sure.  I think the way the panels are designed, they are supposed to show the worst severity below them, so you know which ones to click for more details.  I do not think there is anywhere that you can define the criteria for changing their color status.

    Please let us know if you find a solution that addresses your need.