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Office Hours for CA Service Management, November 20 @ 10 AM ET

  • 1.  Office Hours for CA Service Management, November 20 @ 10 AM ET

    Posted 11-05-2014 06:29 PM

    Dear Community Member,


    Have a question about CA Service Desk, ITAM and/or CA Service Catalog? Connect with CA Technologies technical experts to get answers via Office Hours for CA Service Management. Our team is here to help you get more out of your technology. Join us for one hour Thursday, November 20th @ 10 AM ET. NOTE - No audio is provided and all Q&A happens via online chat, making it a truly ‘fun’ event.


    What type of questions should you ask?

    • General Product Questions
    • Best practices
    • Commonly seen issues
    • Technical content and/or scenarios you want our technical information team to focus on.
    • Technical content and/or scenarios you would like our technical information team to NOT focus on.

    What type of questions should you not ask?

    • Please DO NOT discuss support cases – You will need to open a ticket instead
    • Please DO NOT discuss support of customizations


    Click HERE to:  register, add to calendar and join the day of.

    *Please note that there is no audio. This is for you to submit your questions only and our experts will respond using WebEx.

  • 2.  Re: Office Hours for CA Service Management, November 20 @ 10 AM ET

    Posted 11-24-2014 07:24 PM

    Did you miss last weeks Office Hours for CA Service Management? You can check out the conversation below and be sure to join us in December for the next one. Details coming soon!


    from Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:     Hi All - We'll be starting in just a few minutes. Please wait until we announce the start to begin asking questions.+


    from Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:     Ready for questions!


    from Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone:      Thanks to everyone who attended CA World!  Hope you enjoyed it and are able to bring the excitement home!


    from Dale Clark (CA) to Everyone:            Meeting with customers at CA World, I was surprised how many folks were not familiar with the KPI capabilities in SDM. Is this something we need to do a webcast about?

                    from Holly Von Bargen to Everyone:       @Dale - Yes.  I would appreciate a web cast on the KPI feature.

    from Ivage Genovese to Everyone:         @Dale - So do I

                    vinod(ca) to Everyone:  @Dale, does KPI has performance impact.

                    Dale Clark (CA) to Everyone:       @vinod  - It can. Most of the KPIs are just pulling information from the system directly, but if you create one that causes a large database query, it can have an impact.


    November 20, 2014             7:08:08 AM         from Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone: Don't be shy folks! We're ready for those questions!


    from Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:     Don't Miss CA Service Desk Manager Feedback Survey! Quick Poll, Big Impact!


    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: Who is excited to put Unified Self-Service into production?  :-D

                    Jacek Stasieluk to Everyone:       or better, is there any presentation for Unified Self-Serivce??

                    Dale Clark (CA) to Everyone:       @Jacek - We don't have one currently, but we will look to getting one pulled together.

                    Dale Clark (CA) to Everyone:       @Jacek - We did do a demo of Unified Self-Service in the community webcast on November 4. The recording of that webcast can be found at It has both the recording and the presentation that we used.

                    Jacek Stasieluk to Everyone:       and this Unified Self-Service is bahlf of OpenSpace in SDM r12.7 right ?

                    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: @Jacek, correct... what we now call Unified Self-Service in CA Service Management 14.1 is the next iteration of what we used to call CA Open Space.

                    Jacek Stasieluk to Everyone:       and for iOS there is an application called CA Service Management, right ?

                    Carol Piccus to Everyone:             @Jacek – correct

                    Dale Clark (CA) to Everyone:       @Jacek - The CA Service Management apps on the app stores are the mobile apps - which include Unified Self-service capabilities.

                    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: @Jacek, yes, there is a native Mobility app for Apple iOS and Google Android.  The mobility app is a great tool for Analysts to manage their ticket queues, do quick updates to existing tickets.  Business consumers can use the app to create a new ticket, and workflow tasks can be approved.  There is also interaction with the Communities that you have setup in Unified Self-Service.

                    Jacek Stasieluk to Everyone:       and what is this -

                    Jacek Stasieluk to Everyone:       this is demo for Unified?

                    Carol Piccus to Everyone:             @Jacek - yes, that URL is for a demo system used by CA employees


    Ivage Genovese to Everyone:    I've just watched a presentation about CA Service Desk 14.1. We're running on 12.6 and wondering if you have some documentation / guidance on how much effort would be required to migrate to this newer version

                    Indra-CA to Everyone:   @Ivan - It depends on the current environment deployment. If you do not have too many adaptations and customizations, it should be fairly easy. Documentation is available in the CA Wiki site for SM R14.1 and you may take a look at it.

                    Carol Piccus to Everyone:             @Ivan - to get to the Wiki quickly

                    Ivage Genovese to Everyone:    @Indra - Unfortunately we have many of them, it could be also on opportunity to reconsider and get rid of some of them. I was going to ask the link

                    Indra-CA to Everyone:   @Ivan - Okay, so it may be a good idea to engage CA Services to look at the possibilities and get rid of the customization as much as possible using the OOTB functions.

                    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: Good point, please be aware that all the documentation for CA Service Management 14.1 is now wiki-based.  From the wiki you can export to PDF.  There are no PDFs for 14.1 on the media (but you will see the older 12.9 PDFs).  The wiki is the place to go for 14.1.

                    Ivage Genovese to Everyone:    @Indra - Thanks, got it!


    Carol Piccus to Everyone:             On behalf of someone who can't attend at this time -- will you start to stagger office hour times?

                    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                @Carol - We know that this doesn't work for all global timezones. We do want to keep consistant times/dates but are experimenting with other products in having one for say EMEA timezone. If we have the resources and demand we may expand that. The chat text is posted out to the community for those who wish to view the conversation and of course any questions can be asked in the Discussion board on the community site.


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                We're all caught up with the questions and ready for more!


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                Check out the What you may have missed in the Service Management Community! 11-19-14 ( folks! It contains 7 presentations from CA World '14 as well as other great information.


    Jose Gonzalez to Everyone:        Hi, I saw in a few demonstrations the new CA Service Management 14.1, to my understood the Report an Issue option it is a request in Service Catalog. Many users will complain that they will have 2 numbers (1 Catalog, 1 SDM) or the SDM analyst will call making reference to an Incident Number different from the request number the user have. Is there any plan to integrate the record number between SDM and Service Catalog so they are same number? Currently this happens for change orders even having the Related Ticket column in Service Catalog.


    Derek Cavour to Everyone:         I like the new wiki for the docs, but it is slow. Is this being worked on?

                    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: @Derek, thanks for the feedback, we will send your observation to the team that manages the wiki.

                    Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Thanks @Roger


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                OK Folks - If there are no more questions then we'll begin wrapping up. Any more questions?


    Jose Gonzalez to Everyone:        Is there any plan to integrate the record number between SDM and Service Catalog so they are same number?

                    Rajeev Kumar (CA) to Everyone:               @Jose - The requests on 'Report an Issue' offering can have related ticket information as well. So an end user will refer to the related ticket while referring to a partiular ticket he/she has in the request list in Unified Self-Service. It will require a bit of configuration/customization, on Catalog, and SDM if the Analysts want to have request reference on SDM ticket as well.


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                OK Folks - That's it for today! See you all in December!


    Ivage Genovese to Everyone:    bye @Everyone


    Chris Hackett (CA) to Everyone:                Thank you all for attending!


    Roger Morse (CA) to Everyone: Thanks everyone, appreciate you joining us!!


    Derek Cavour to Everyone:         Thank you!