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Multiple Nimsoft domains configuration !

  • 1.  Multiple Nimsoft domains configuration !

    Posted 04-11-2011 10:48 PM

    Hi all,


    We would like to assign different Nimsoft domains for customer located in different Nimsoft geographies. How to have hubs located in different domains interact with each other and how to have all of them listed in a single instance of Nimsoft infrastructure manager ?


    Thanks & Regards,

    Amit Saxena

  • 2.  Re: Multiple Nimsoft domains configuration !

    Posted 04-14-2011 10:45 AM

    Consider the domain concept as a security realm, this means that each domain has its own user/security space.  All actions on the "bus" have permissions related to them, some are open but most require some sort of authorization level.  However, a "post" from on hub in domain A to another hub in domain B is possible, through a static route (defined in the sender hub).  The receiving hub may choose to block out the request through the Access List mechanism. 


    So the short version is: You can point a queue from one domain to another, but you can't perform any command requests etc.