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Nimsoft Change IP Address

  • 1.  Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 09-02-2013 11:05 PM

    I'm having a problem on a customer that changed the IP address for all Nimsoft components.

    After made this change, the Nimsoft stopped to work with a lot of messages that the system could not connect to the primary hub

    So the customer made a search, in all nimsoft files by the old IP address, and changed it manually to the new address.

    Even after restart server, the Nimsoft still not working.

    Someone has any tip ?

    Is there any procedure to change the IP Address for any Nimsoft Component ?


  • 2.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 09-02-2013 11:44 PM

    A robot has the IP of the primary server in its robot.cfg file, ensure this is correct.


    You might also need to go into the hub and ensure disbale ip validation is disabled.


    This should bring back the robot to the hub but all the probes will be red so highlight them and right-click - security - validate.


    The controller logs will be your best friends here, in robot.cfg set loglevel = 3 and restart the controller.

    You might like to post your logs here but I would highly reccomend you raise a support ticket.

  • 3.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 09-03-2013 07:36 AM

    I believe that changing the IP address of the primary hub will reset security.cfg. The original should still be valid, but it starts from scratch. Building it up naturally from there is fairly challenging. Hopefully you can retrieve it from one of the other hubs and copy it to the primary manually.

  • 4.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 09-05-2013 05:34 PM
    Hi Keithk
    The customer has changed the database ip address too,
    It's working now,

  • 5.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 11-06-2013 08:59 PM

    I have a simialr issue but I have only the 1 hub. my security.cfg file looks pretty bare bones. I dont have a copy of it before the ip address change on the server. Where could I get some info on how to recreate my security.cfg file? What would the format be to add my user back in so I can log back into the admin console?

  • 6.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 11-06-2013 11:27 PM

  • 7.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 11-07-2013 10:40 AM

    Initializing the security is easy, but just out of interest I tried this, which might be useful in some scenarios


    1. Change the Nimsoft Robot Watcher service to logon as some local user (if you're running on linux you don't need to)
    2. Login as the same user (or run cmd or powershell as that user), in linux login as root
    3. Use the probe utility to create a new user 
      PS C:\Program Files (x86)\Nimsoft\bin> .\pu.exe hub user_new 'username', 'description', 'password', 'Superuser', ''
      Nov  7 09:32:28:079 pu: SSL - init: mode=0, cipher=DEFAULT, context=OK
      Address: hub                         Request: user_new


    4. new user with Superuser permissions is created
    5. change service logon back to local system


    Worked at leats with a test instance.



  • 8.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 11-22-2013 11:30 PM
    Most likely if he changed the hub's IP it will sometimes through the hub probe in a error state and all you need to do is re-validate the hub and other probes on the server.

    You will have to change all the client machines (monitoring agents) as well to point to the new IP address.

    In some rare cases as well I have seen some people utilize the hubip = in hub.cfg so you have to check that as well besides configuring the ip in the controller.


  • 9.  Re: Nimsoft Change IP Address

    Posted 09-05-2013 05:31 PM
    Hi Carl
    I made the changes that you recommended and then I could access the Infrastructre Manager, so I could managed to change the address of the database in data_engine.\
    It's working now.