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Configuration files for plex 6.1

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  • 1.  Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-29-2010 04:56 AM
    Hi all,  we would like to change the path for the plex.ini and the other plex configuration files, becauseour personal document folder has changed from a network drive to a local drive.I moved the CA Folder from my network folder to my local folder, but plex created an new folderwith all the configuration files ( e.g. plex.ini) again in my personal network folder.  When you run plex for the first time, plex stores the information for the "my documents" folder somewhere, and wedon't know, how to change the settings   for the plex configuration files.     :smileysad:  Any suggestions?  RegardsKlaus

  • 2.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-29-2010 06:44 AM
    I don't completely follow the problem but it may be useful to know that Plex creates the configuration files in CSIDL_PERSONAL\CA\Plex\6.1.
    In addition to change the physical location of CSIDL_PERSONAL see these instructions: ( How to Change the Default Location of the My Documents Folder ). Obviously this setting applies to all your applications, not just Plex.

  • 3.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-29-2010 07:39 AM
    Hi Daniel,  when we installed plex 6.1 and started plex for the first time, our "My Documents" folder was on a network (home-)drive   "\\ne-fs-001\homeitc\klaus" (mapped as h:)and plex created a folder named "CA" with the plex.ini and other files and folders inside the network folder.  But because of some performance problems, we decided to change our "My documents" folder to a local folder, which is now "C:\users\klaus\".  Although i deleted the CA folder on the network drive and the system variables (HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH) do not point to the network drive anymore,plex created again the folder for the confguration files on the network drive and not in my local homepath.  Do you think, i have to change something in the registry or do i have to install and start plex again?  Thanks in advanceKlaus        

  • 4.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-29-2010 08:54 AM
    Did you read the Microsoft article I linked to? If you right-click on My Documents and choose Properties what do you see for the Target folder location? I think that is the setting that Plex is using.

  • 5.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1
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    Posted 03-30-2010 05:16 AM
    Hi Daniel,  now i have read the article you linked to me. It was not that easy to change the folder, because we areusing windows 7 64 bit on our client and plex pc's and windows 2008 as a domain controler and file server and wecouldn't change the properties for the target folder location. (no buttons for it on the property panel)Therefore i changed the value " Persona l" in the registry " HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folder " to my local folder destination.  The reason for changing our "my documents" folder is described in the knowledge baseTech Document ID = TEC506719 , " Slow Response Time in Panel Palette after upgrade to r6.1 "  Thank's a lot for your helpKlaus          

  • 6.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-30-2010 07:23 AM
    That's interesting. So you get poor performance in the Panel Palette if Plex.ini is on a network drive?

  • 7.  Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 03-30-2010 07:52 AM
    Hi Daniel,  the performance was poor, because it was a network drive and  which is allways scanned by a virus protection programfor all the users. Each time one of our users saves or updates a file on this network drive it will be scanned for a virus.  network drive = low risk for viruses and backup for documents, but slow performance for programs using this folder.  RegardsKlaus    

  • 8.  RE: Re: Configuration files for plex 6.1

    Posted 12-04-2012 04:07 AM
    I cant move the location of "my document" from network drive to my local drive (company policy).
    So can I move "plex.ini" (or better the ".../CA/.." folder ) in "My document" to my local drive f.i. %appdata% ?