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.Net Blob Support?

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  • 1.  .Net Blob Support?

    Posted 02-04-2010 06:06 AM
    Anyone tried using Blobs with Plex .Net? Apparently it was added in Plex 6.1 43.001 but I haven't found any documentation specific to .Net. Using the following syntax from the help documentation is giving me an "unrecognized" error from the C# compiler: Here, the Blob Read source code contains: &(1:).BlobRead(&(2:)); 'ObRun.ObRTTypes.ObBlobFld' does not contain a definition for 'BlobRead' Thanks in advance for any help. Alan

  • 2.  Re: .Net Blob Support?
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    Posted 02-09-2010 08:54 AM
    Hi, Alan      As you found in  post GA  .NET runtime, we have added limited blob  support for .NET and Java.      Here are highlight. 1. Plex Java and .NET has new Field ObBlobFld 2. ObBlobFld store data as byte[] 3. It is user's responsibility to convert a file to byte[] or other way around.   These  are not implemented.  1. WINC-Java/.NET communication with blob. 2. File name property to ObBlobFld like it does for C++. (I am thinking something better solution for this. Maybe not.)       Please open the CA support issue to obtain the sample and document.    Details are here.      CA Plex Problem 1411:   You will get  followings.  1. Sample model with WCF Code Library defined. 2. All programs are compiled you just need to build Table and View to your SQL Server. 3. It has one VS 2005 UI project that call Function via Function call API via DataSet as a parameter. 4. It has one VS 2008 UI project that call Function via WCF.    Regards,   Kiyoshi     

  • 3.  Re: .Net Blob Support?

    Posted 02-09-2010 02:09 PM
    Great, thanks Kiyoshi.   I will download and give it a try.  Alan

  • 4.  Re: .Net Blob Support?

    Posted 02-11-2010 04:34 AM
    Kiyoshi,  Thanks, the download is excellent.   Just what I needed. :smileyhappy:  Alan  

  • 5.  Re: .Net Blob Support?

    Posted 09-11-2014 04:51 PM



    I just realized the attached zip is not available for this thread.

    I reattached the zip and ReadMe file again.