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Can ESP Agent on client query server?

  • 1.  Can ESP Agent on client query server?

    Posted 11-03-2008 04:33 AM
    Hi all.   I am on contract at a company that has been using CA ESP on the MF for years. They currently have a very batch/scheduled oriented environment. They have been using ESP agents on numerous distributed AIX boxes, but this also tends to be very much in control of batch/scheduled processes. We are beginning to introduce message oriented and/or event triggered processing and I am curious how others have approached the same.  Specifically we have one application that is able to consume messages (albeit presented in files) on a near real time basis. I envision a long running Unix process that constantly loops, looking for messages on an MQ q for which it will create files. There will likely be some form of sleep introduced when there are no messages present, but the timeframe would likely be small enough (say 1 minute or less) that I don't imagine we would want to actually “scheduleâ€? such a frequent process in ESP.  We could totally avoid ESP, but we would like to retain the ability for service desk staff to control the job through ESP and/or prevent the long running script from running in certain batch processing windows once again controlled by ESP. I wonder whether there is anything that can be incorporated into the client side Unix script, likely through the ESP agent, in order to query the ESP server to determine whether such a process described above could be ended. I understand the concept of resources can be used to control the start of a scheduled or triggered ESP job. However, we are looking for a way to end a job from the client side.  An answer to this question and/or any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.