IDMS and Endevor inquiry

  • 1.  IDMS and Endevor inquiry

    Posted 02-19-2013 11:19 AM
    Morning IDMS IUA Community, I'm looking for a resource I can reach out to for some info.

    My Company has a subsidy it acquired in the 90's which use IDMS for it's application portfolio. The subsidy's last IDMS resource is retiring,
    and the current application owner is requesting I port the application to Endevor (it's not as simple as that, since there are multiple Endevor
    installs, LPARs and pricing issues to manage). Integrating the application would require us to license the Endevor DB/IDMS component
    (primarily in the interest of time - project has less than 2 months to complete).

    Is anyone in your Community familar with the Endevor IDMS interface who may use the IDMS interface I could be put in contact with ?
    (Have managed Endevor for several decades, need the IDMS piece.)

    Appreciate any time you may provide.

    Val Valcourt

    Northeast Utilities Service Company (NUSCO)
    Enterprise Software Configuration Management, SOX Testing, SOX Testing Coordination & Testing Tools
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    Past President; when the dinosaurs roamed !

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