CA-World SQL offering and IDMS Release 18.5

  • 1.  CA-World SQL offering and IDMS Release 18.5

    Posted 01-23-2013 11:00 PM
    CA will be offering a course on SQL as part of the CA-World Preconference Education.

    From the course Description:
    EC504ENA - SQL and Web Connectivity for CA Datacom® and CA IDMS™: Part 1 of 2
    This session will cover the relational SQL language and how SQL enables connectivity to CA Datacom® and CA IDMS™ data from Web, Java and Windows environments. This session is appropriate for all CA IDMS and CA Datacom sites and introduces new features coming in 2013 that provide expanded access to SQL and Web connectivity technology for all CA IDMS and CA Datacom customers. The session agenda covers SQL statements for retrieving and modifying data, SQL lab exercises, CA Datacom and CA IDMS SQL extensions, ODBC and JDBC connectivity, and enabling efficient data-driven web applications with this technology.
    This is part one of a two-part, hands-on lab. Students must pre-register in order to attend. It is highly recommended that students attend both parts of this full day workshop.
    Before you dismiss this class because your shop doesn’t have IDMS SQL and IDMS Server, please read on about upcoming changes in Release 18.5

    In CA IDMS Release 18.5, CA will be introducing a new feature that provides a limited version of IDMS SQL and ODBC/JDBC technology to[i] ALL CA IDMS/DB customers. Previously, this connectivity technology was only available to customers who licensed the CA IDMS SQL and CA IDMS Server optional products. This feature provides a limited number of concurrent connections for dynamic SQL through ODBC and JDBC from the Web, Windows, Java, and other non-mainframe platforms, and through the usual CA IDMS tools (for example OCF, BCF). With this feature, you can access CA IDMS mainframe data from business intelligence, analytics, and reporting application tools and application servers that access data through ODBC and JDBC. These servers include popular environments such as Microsoft IIS, IBM WebSphere, SAP Business Objects, Oracle WebLogic and many more.

    This is a great opportunity for attendees to expand their knowledge.