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Smart Load Balancing Flooding Switches with ARP

  • 1.  Smart Load Balancing Flooding Switches with ARP

    Posted 02-20-2019 07:03 AM

    Our organization is using a lot of servers with Broadcom NICs configured with Smart Load Balancing to provide active/active redundancy.  Recently we noticed that these servers are flooding the switches they are attached to with 10,000 or more directed ARPs per minute.  This is causing random disconnects for other servers, as the switches are rate-limiting ARP causing some legitimate ARP traffic to be dropped.  We are slowly moving the servers to active/passive or LACP, but it will take a long time, ideally we could get a fix for this issue and keep using SLB.

    How can we get support from Broadcom on this ?  Our server vendor hasn't been able to engage.