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BCM53101E RvMII mode

  • 1.  BCM53101E RvMII mode

    Posted 11-21-2018 12:55 AM

    Hi experts,


    I'm using BCM53101E in my board, it is connected with CPU by RvMII mode, and the other 4 PHY ports are connected with other targets.


    1) I want the CPU can talk with all targets (I'm using 4 of 5), and targets won't need to talk with each other. There are so many registers, can you tell me how to set it, or is there any tool I can use?


     2) The uboot in my CPU is up, I found one topic about BCM53101P, so I made the same setting by Pseudo-PHY MDC/MDIO interface. So the connection will be like: 

                CPU (UBOOT) - (RvMII) - BCM53101E - (RJ45) - network (A switch in my lab)

     If I ran DHCP command in UBOOT, can I get IP address assigned? I found I could get IP address.

    1. set Reg(0x00: 0x08)=0x1C
    2. set Reg(0x00: 0x0B)=0x02
    3. set Reg(0x00: 0x0E)=0x87   (also tried 0x83)
    4. set Reg(0x02: 0x00)=0x02