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BCM53333 Register Description and access through BSC/I2C

  • 1.  BCM53333 Register Description and access through BSC/I2C

    Posted 08-17-2017 04:47 AM


    We have a current design with the BCM53333. After some perseverance the switch seems to be working fine using the standard firmware (currently V3.01.01) programmed in a QSPI flash.

    On the design there is also a supervisory microcontroller which is connected to the BSC/I2C interface. However, the explanation in the datasheet about how to read/write the BCM53333 registers through this interface is sparse and I haven't been able to find proper documentation of the register set.

    Guessing that the registers could be (at least partially) compatible with the BCM53125S for which I have the documentation, I tried to read out the device ID by performing a standard I2C write/read cycle to the 0x44 address where 2 bytes are written with page (0x02) and register (0x30) and 4 bytes are read. The I2C transaction reports no errors and the value read is 0x00014508, so at least there is some response.

    Any leads as where more documentation can be found ?

    Edit: adding some contacts:

    jeremy jhydal mwf_mmfae