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About EEPROM of BCM53118

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  • 1.  About EEPROM of BCM53118

    Posted 02-23-2016 06:34 PM


    I use BCM53118.

    EEPROM is connected with BCM53118.

    I'd like to write EEPROM in the board in from JTAG of BCM53118.

    What kind of way is there?

    Is a tool using JTAG anywhere?

    I hope for Windows edition.

    Best Regards,


  • 2.  Re: About EEPROM of BCM53118
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    Posted 02-23-2016 10:57 PM

    To write EEPROM, it not supports by JTAG.

    For 53118 EEPROM programming, it requires the following:

    1. create a txt file to configure the register page offset value.

    2. convert to binary file through our "mk_epromV2.exe" compiler tool and follow our command syntax.

    3. use the programmer to burn the binary file into the corresponding EEPROM device.

    Please check with local FAE to assist if it needs.