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BCM53125S Pseudo-Phy Opcode does not clear

  • 1.  BCM53125S Pseudo-Phy Opcode does not clear

    Posted 12-21-2018 11:12 AM

    I am currently designing a system where a MCU is communicating to the BM53125 via MDIO and RvMII on the IMP port. I am following the flow chart in Figure 44 of the datasheet and I never see the op code clear from register 17. I've used an oscilloscope and logic analyzer to verify that the data I am reading in on MCU is accurate, so I am little stuck as to what to try next. I am trying to read the Device ID in Page 02h Reg30h (Only need partial value to verify device functionality) and am performing the following sequence:


    1 - Write 0x0201 to Register 16

    2 - Write 0x3002 to Register 17

    3 - Read Reigtse 17[1:0] to confirm opcode cleared

    4 - Read Register 24 for Access Register Bits 15:0


    In step 3 I always read back 0x3002, the opcode will not clear it seems. CPU_EPROM_SEL is default set high, and I've added a pull-up to this just in case. I retry 10 times and each time I can verify via test equipment that I am receiving 0x3002 as a response. Has anyone encountered this error, or similar, before? Thanks


  • 2.  Re: BCM53125S Pseudo-Phy Opcode does not clear

    Posted 12-25-2018 11:32 PM


    Per your descriptions, you are doing the pseudo phy read access.

    By our datasheet pseudo phy read access flow chart, it may need to implement the SW task/script as following to read.


    Read :


    w 0x1e 16 0x0201

    w 0x1e 17 0x0602 /* op code read */

    do  { r 0x1e 17 } while ((read_value & 0x3) != 0)

    r 0x1e 24   

    r 0x1e 25

    r 0x1e 26

    r 0x1e 27