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Help with an MPLS/OSPF architecture

  • 1.  Help with an MPLS/OSPF architecture

    Posted 09-19-2018 12:13 PM

    Hi dears,

    I would like a help with the architecture displayed below. Please feel free to make any comment.

    Network descriptions and requirements

    - It's a metro network that have the goal to connect several locations;
    - It's works like a big intranet, then there's no need the traffic isolation (VPN L3);
    - Today, the network runs OSPF and have about 91 areas and 200 routers;
    - The Img01 attached shows a network summary. Each router has at least to another two routers connected;
    - The customer router has two connections too;
    - The backbone routers are connected to POP routers, but there are customer routers directly connected too;
    - The POP routers connected to backbone routers are 
    part of Area 0. They are connected in another POPs and to customers too.

    Reasons to implement MPLS

    - Traffic Engineer
    - VPWS and VPLS;
    - QoS and better resource utilization;
    - The Img02 attached shows the scenario wanted;


    - There're no plan to use VPN to isolate some customer traffic because one network requirement is connect  all customer via L3 . Is it worth implementing BGP?

    - I think that implement iBGP will increase the network complexity.

    Thanks in advance for all!