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SAN Health Report Format Options

  • 1.  SAN Health Report Format Options

    Posted 05-22-2013 04:06 PM

    For a list of SAN Health Tabs and Options Help, please see SAN Health Tabs and Options.




    Use this tab to select the content and format of the Excel report that will be provided when the SAN Health audit is processed.


    Create full length SAN Health report
    Create a shorter summary report

    Selecting the first option, or leaving it default, will include all the possible pages within the Excel report.  Selecting the second option will eliminate the Port Tables, the hidden performance data, the visible performance graphs, and the zoning sheets. This option greatly speeds up the report generation process time but obviously reduces the amount of content in the report.


    Include performance graphs in the report

    This is also available as a stand alone option aside from the shorter summary report above.


    Include the Visio place holder page

    If you don't ever plan to put an image of the Visio into the Excel, this page can be eliminated.


    Use the device name rather than the port number

    This self-expanatory option is included in case you prefer the graph to have a device name rather than the port number.  This may make it easier for you to troubleshoot performance issues.


    Include empty ports in the report

    To keep the size of the pages down, leaving out empty ports is the default setting.  You may check this box if you want the empty ports to listed out.  This may be the option you choose if you are interested in seeing what SFPs are inserted, if any, in the empty ports.


    Excel Report Formatting Options

    Here you can change the report to be formatted for "Letter Size" paper or "A4 Size" paper.  You can also add in a company logo that will be throughout the report.